King Size Male Enhancement Review. Did It Work?

I’m pretty embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve had performance issues for the last year or so. My libido was lower, my endurance sucked, and I had no stamina. It was a nightmare, and it seemed to happen out of nowhere. It was really frustrating for me and my girlfriend. I was pretty healthy and only in my late 20s, so I didn’t understand why this was happening (or not happening) to me. The worst thing, I think, is that I think my issues made my girlfriend self-conscious about whether or not I really wanted her. So, something seriously had to change.

Certain things have helped the stamina problem out a little–going to the gym, staying properly hydrated, eating right. Long story short, I’m trying to be more health conscious, but endurance and erection strength have continued to be an issue. I’ve tried quite a few different male enhancement supplements. I’ve tried everything from the one that used to have that dumb commercial late at night on Comedy Central, all the way to some really expensive ones that I wish I had that money back for.

Anwyay, I guess it goes without saying that I was a little skeptical when I heard about King Size Male Enhancement. I mean, here’s a company promising the same things I’ve heard a million times before: bigger stronger erections, lasting longer, yeah yeah yeah. But, they had a money back guarantee, and to be honest, I was getting desperate.

The supplement arrived in the mail. “Here we go again,” I thought. But I was totally wrong. Week-by-week, here’s how my experience with King Size Male Enhancement went:


I started taking King Size Male Enhancement in the morning with my multi-vitamin after breakfast and then again before I went to bed. I wouldn’t say that I noticed anything right away, but after the first few days I felt more energetic throughout the day. That was definitely a step in the right direction because I had been feeling pretty depressed and bored with work. By the middle of the week, I noticed my sex drive coming back and had better sex with my girlfriend than we’d had in a long time. I was done with the sample pack and ready to start on the bottle I had ordered.


By the beginning of the Week 2, I felt more energy in bed and throughout the day than I had felt the first week. My girlfriend and I had some crazy spontaneous sex in the middle of the day. The thing that surprised me the most, I guess was that I was still feeling happier and more productive in my work. Not that I wanted to second guess the results or look a gift horse in the mouth; it was just crazy that a better sex life was improving everything else that I had going on.


My girlfriend and I felt closer than we had for a long time, and we even started to talk more about the things we each wanted in bed. I hadn’t felt this level of confidence before, and I’m a little mad that I waited until now to see how much more fun I could be having. I don’t know if it was related, but this was also the week I started to attain some of my gym-related goals.


At this point I felt like a totally different person than I did at the beginning of the month. I had the sex life I didn’t even know I could have, with a stronger libido than I had even when I was 19. At the end of Week 4 I knew that I would keep ordering King Size Male Enhancement. If you deal with the same issues that I used to, you shouldn’t wait another day.


I’m really glad I found King Size Male Enhancement. My girlfriend is, too. We have both experienced a better sex life and a happier overall life as a result. That’s a lot to ask from one supplement, and that’s why King Size Male Enhancement has become a part of my daily routine.

If you’re skeptical, look, I totally get it. I was in the same boat before I actually tried King Size Male Enhancement. Nobody’s got enough money to just throw around every time some new company makes a bunch of promises about male enhancement, but King Size Male Enhancement is worth your time. Try it out, if you don’t notice anything by the end of your sample pack, then I’m pretty sure that you and I didn’t take the same supplement.

Don’t suffer with your performance issues for the rest of your life. Whether you’re dealing with ED, or just a general lack of stamina or libido, you owe it to yourself to give King Size Male Enhancement a shot.

Ingredients Include

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Alpha Rush Pro Work? Review and Rating of The Product

About Me

Throughout my life I have always been physically active. I played sports when I was younger and I have always enjoyed leading a healthy lifestyle. I eat well and I work out. Recently I have been putting in extra time at the gym in order to achieve a more muscular and tone physique. I have had problems in the past with getting over a plateau with my workouts. I just cannot seem to get that extra bit of muscle on or get that last bit of fat off. Every time I step on the scale the number seems to be the same and I become discouraged. I recently heard about Alpha Rush Pro from one of my buddies at the gym and I promised them that I would go home and look into the product. After doing some reading I decided to give it a try so I ordered some up.

About Alpha Rush Pro

The two main ingredients in Alpha Rush Pro are caffeine and Arginine. The purpose of the caffeine is to help suppress the appetite and keep you energized. Arginine will stimulate insulin as well as other growth hormones in the body. Created with both men and women in mind, this is the perfect product that is designed to help get your body moving and get the results you are looking for. This product is not designed to do the work for you, rather this is simply the boost you need in order to increase your workout and get better results.


When I first heard about Alpha Rush Pro I did not think much of the product. I had tried different work outs at the gym, different protein shakes and a variety of supplements that were supposed to increase my ability to get the body I was looking for. I started taking the product the first day I received it, according to the recommended dosage. I went about my normal routine at home, at work and at the gym. I was basically ignoring the fact that I was taking the supplement. Maybe to prevent myself from being disappointed.


I noticed an increase in energy that I really could not ignore during this second week. I woke up with a lot of energy and made it through the work day without getting that tired feeling halfway through the afternoon. I was able to head home for dinner and then had plenty of energy to head to the gym later in the evening. There was even one day I woke up early, and decided to get to the gym before work. This is basically unheard of from me. I was happy there did not seem to be any negative side effects from the product. It seemed that I was able to go about my normal routines and eat the same, but I was enjoying some new benefits of taking the product.


I was pretty excited with the results I was seeing from Alpha Rush Pro at this point. It was undeniable that something was going on and I was ready to embrace my newfound energy. I was also noticing that my body was looking leaner. I did not necessarily do anything different at the gym but I was able to complete all of my workouts. There was not a time I felt too tired to go on. Actually, I was able to bust out a few extra reps here and there. This was exciting.


It was during the fourth week of taking Alpha Rush Pro that people started noticing a difference in how I looked. I had a few people at the gym ask me what I was doing differently, because I looked so great. Not only that, but at work people were asking me what was going on, because I was much perkier and more attentive throughout the day. I was no longer complaining about feeling tired or having a cloudy mind. I decided I was going to make Alpha Rush Pro part of my permanent workout routine. I love the results of the product and there are no negative side effects that I have experienced.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure that Alpha Rush Pro was going to have any effect on me, even after hearing great things from people who were taking it. I assumed this product would be like any other I had tried but I was willing to at least give it a shot. I like Alpha Rush Pro because I don’t have to take it all the time necessarily. Even if I miss a day or two, the energy doesn’t drop off and I don’t feel like I’m having a setback at the gym. This is a product I will keep around for a while, in order to achieve my workout goals and to maintain what I have achieved.

Ingredients Include

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Review of Pure Testo Xplode. How It Works

My friend tried to convince me to start lifting weights to bulk up. The main response that I always had was that I would love to get into light bodybuilding to sculpt my muscles, but after long days of work everyday, that only left the weekends for me to really commit to taking on a regular workout regimen. Much to my friend’s persistence, I reluctantly decided to begin a low-level weight lifting and cardio routine. After a week or so, I started feeling the impacts of going to the gym on the weekends, but it wasn’t a good feeling. By the time Monday morning rolled around, I was drained. I had never had such low energy levels before. Worst of all, I didn’t see or feel any results. I started to feel like I was going to the gym for nothing. Finally, one Saturday morning, my friend noticed how uninterested I was. I told him I was thinking about giving up the idea of weight lifting because it seemed like a slower process than I thought and going to the gym every weekend did nothing but tire me out for the week ahead. He told me that he understood my frustrations and that he wouldn’t hold it against me if I decided to give up, but that he wanted me to try Pure Testo XPLODE for a month firsts and then see if I felt the same way. I agreed and told him that if this supplement didn’t work, I would be done. The results were everything I needed to continue.

Already frustrated about the lack of results at the gym, time wasted, and money thrown away, I felt like taking a supplement would lead to more disappointment. I took one pill every morning and then again before each workout, as directed. When I reached the seventh day of taking them, I noticed that I wasn’t getting tired of lifting as easily as I had before. I was actually able to add a few more minutes, which in turn allowed me to work in a few more reps. It was great to feel like I was doing something productive in the gym. While I didn’t see any visual results, I still knew Pure Testo XPLODE was working. When Monday came, I didn’t feel sleepy or fatigued. In fact, I probably had even more energy. Before the following weekend, I was pumped to go to the gym.

By the end of week two, my adrenaline was high. I started working out throughout the week, normally during my lunch break. I couldn’t believe that a single thirty-minute workout would lead to any true results. All of my workouts were now productive. I felt stronger and I actually could now tell where my muscles were starting to grow. Even after just two weeks, I could see how toned they were becoming. At this point, I felt confident in my workout and results. I had never had faith in my gym visits before. I knew the next time would give me even more satisfaction. I now wanted to commit to a regular routine so that I was working out daily for lunch and then longer on the weekends.

With my newfound energy and confidence, I started to hit the gym everyday. Before taking Pure Testo XPLODE, I was lifting one weight one weekend and another one the next. I could lift for an hour one day and maybe only twenty minutes another. I thought it was normal and a result of me not being interested enough in having a consistent routine. But with this supplement, I quickly learned that the back and forth between output was due to a serious lack of energy and stamina. I now had a routine that was a lot longer than before and the thirty-minute workouts were just as consistent, and I never had to worry about them being too short to impact my muscles. In just three weeks I developed a workout routine that made me gain muscles. They weren’t just your regular lift muscles, either. These were firm muscles that I could feel growing each time I lifted.

I knew week four would be the deciding factor of where my potential could be. I half expected this to be the week that I slow down and the results to either plateau or start declining. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was able to keep lifting on a regular schedule without any signs of becoming fatigued, uninterested, or nonproductive. My muscles were bigger and stronger than they had ever been and I continued to have higher energy than I ever had before, even before taking on the challenge of weight lifting. My performance in the gym was unbelievable. I, myself, couldn’t believe how much I could now lift and how long I was able to last. Even better, my body recovered from a workout much quicker.

I would suggest Pure Testo XPLODE to anyone thinking about giving up on becoming a serious bodybuilder due to a lack of results from previous gym sessions, low confidence, frustration with not having enough energy, and a busy life schedule. You can use this supplement for thirty-minute workout sessions or an hour-long weight lift. It will give you quick results that won’t fade away after a month. You will lift and workout more consistently, your muscles will grow stronger and bigger, and you will still have enough energy to get through a hectic workweek. I was skeptical, too, but then after I started to feel the results in just a week, I started to change my attitude toward going to the gym. I used to dread it because I knew I was wasting my time and money. This supplement kept me on the right path. I’ve surpassed my initial goals. In four weeks, I’ve seen what this product can do. It will be the difference between a great workout and the best workout ever.

Ingredients Include

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Trylo-flex Review & Results. Why I Started Using It

Why I Started Using the Product

The Trylo-flex supplement is made from purely natural ingredients. It helps in quick recovery of injured body tissues and helps in the formation of muscular mass free of excess weight. The supplement increases the level of energy absorption and intake into the body. This phenomenon increases the body’s stamina enabling one to engage in longer training sessions with reduced fatigue. Increases blood circulation to ensure better functioning of each body organ.

The supplement enhances the uptake of nutrients and strengthens the immune system. Additionally, it promotes deep sleep rest enabling the user to remain refreshed and energetic always. I was overweight and relentlessly struggled to look for a viable way to gain sustained weight loss. My body felt bulky. The extra weight made me uncomfortable which in turn affected my self-esteem extensively.

For a long period, I enrolled in a variety of fitness programs but none of them delivered the results that I so eagerly wanted. Then one day in my search for the perfect exercise plan, I subscribed to a gym in my hometown where all the instructors had lean muscular physiques. Though I have limited exercise time due to family and work commitments, I decided to put in as much as the instructors put in their exercises.

After three months of extensive exercises, still I did not see the results as I had hoped for. I decided to find out what was the secret of the gym instructors’ achievement of lean and sustained muscular bodies. I approached one of them, and he told me that they all used the Trylo-flex supplement to enhance their brawny look. I did not waste a moment since I was desperate to lose weight to regain my self-confidence and self-esteem. Here is what I experienced when I started using the product.

Week 1

In the beginning, I was skeptical that I would attain a lean muscular body after using the Trylo-flex supplement. Alas! The effects of the supplement were nearly instantaneous. My energy levels rapidly increased and simultaneously enhanced my endurance. The endurance resulted from an increased rate of nutrients uptake and a maximized level of oxygen delivery to the body tissues. The nutrients absorbed in the body increased my energy levels enabling me to have elongated workout sessions with minimal fatigue.

The Trylo-flex supplement has many advantages because it reduced the rate of fat deposition in my body. Through my increased endurance, I could easily burn more calories thus resulting in loss of weight. I also felt a change in my digestive system after I started using the supplement. I continued using the product and as days advanced the results became better than previous days. My stomach was not becoming bloated anymore, and I was not struggling while working out. I was eager to find out if the great effects of the supplement would continue into the second week.

Week 2

I started the second week with excitement. I was eagerly waiting to see whether the exemplary energy levels and enhanced endurance would continue. To my amazement, I felt significantly lighter in the second week, and the endurance levels were further enhanced. The Trylo-flex supplement was simply astounding since it delivered fast and excellent results as promised. The results kept on getting better as I continued using the supplement.

My skin began to glow, and my body felt lighter than ever before. These positive effects made me start regaining my self-confidence and my self-esteem also increased. The sustained energy and endurance enabled me to have relaxed workout sessions, and I did not get fatigued even through my day at work. I also began to have deep sleep rest that enabled me to remain highly productive throughout the day.

This supplement is reliable and effective since by the end of the second week I had lost a significant amount of weight and my body begun to acquire a lean muscular physique. Undoubtedly I had found the most effective and ideal solution to my weight loss battles. I began to feel more toned especially right after my workouts. I now was sure of what I wanted I could not wait to continue using the supplement into the third week.

Week 3

The excess weight on my body was peeling off rapidly, and my body started regaining shape. I could endure longer days at work and also longer workout sessions. I started to feel that my desired muscular, lean body physique was within my reach. It felt nice to receive increased congratulatory remarks from my colleagues at work and all my friends.

In just a period of three weeks, my body had transformed from an undesirable shape to a masterwork. All that was on my mind now was to finish the first portion of my Trylo-flex supplement and go for more. Lean and massive muscles became the norm of my physique, and it enhanced my self-confidence.

Week 4

I lost all the excess weight around my waist, and my body shape became appealing. Additionally, my energy and endurance levels were maintained and sustained at top levels. I was grateful to my gym instructor who had introduced me to the Trylo-flex supplement. I took pride in my new physique and would flaunt my muscles with confidence.
My friends and colleagues gained interest in my massive progress and wanted to know my secret. I gladly told them that my reliable and effective weight loss solution was the Trylo-flex supplement. This supplement is entirely safe since it is made from all natural ingredients. By the end of the first four weeks, I had no off-putting experience arising from using this supplement.


This supplement is purely natural thus it is completely safe with no side-effects. I would recommend it to anybody who wishes to lose weight rapidly and gain massive muscle mass within a short period. Trylo-flex did not let me down since it increased my endurance levels. I use the supplement up to today to maintain and sustain my ideal weight.

Ingredients Include

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